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Is this the new era of artificial intelligence and ToF?

San Francisco Fatch

GeniusPros Technology, (GPT), a global leader in the field of depth camera manufacturing, is hosting a news conference at the Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA Sept. 29th to unveil 5 of its new optical-solid-state surface array laser radar products.

Laser radar sensor faced a lot of challenges in trying to present accurate images of complex configurations and very long distances; GPT’s proprietary pulsed time-of-flight (ToF) sensor system solves this problem effectively; and they are sharing this with the world in this event.

In the event themed, Deep Vision and Beyond, three top-technology optical-solid-surface laser radar framework and active imaging products will be unveiled and they are the GP001A-16, the GP002, and the GP003. In this event, the company will offer a presentation and discussion about these products.

AI has been the technology trend in recent years, but for all round application of AI in electronics products, high accuracy data is needed. This technological innovation in Depth Camera will be a boost to the use of Artificial intelligence (AI) in autonomous vehicles, intelligent robots, human behavior recognition and consumer electronics. GPT with its new TOF system has filled the gap of optical-solid-state surface array laser radar technology. This system sense images and transmit information on the sensed image in real-time for both long, short and medium range distances.

The three products that the company will release at the event are typical items from its three platforms covering different application fields.

This technology by GPT caught the attention of a lot of the big players in the technology and AI world, and the event will have in attendance Del Christensen, Chief Global Business Development of the Bay Area Council, and Sheryl Root, the Program Director of Technology Ventures in Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley. 

Also the event will be a good place to catch a few promising tech companies from China to vet more stories beneath the mist.